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Essential Oil Therapy For Sinus Relief

Essential Oil Therapy for Sinus Relief

The sinuses are responsible for promoting drainage of mucus into the nose and allowing air into the cavities. Bacteria, viruses, and allergens can infect or irritate healthy sinuses and cause blockage, congestion, and discomfort. Sinus infections can make life miserable on a seasonal basis or chronically by making it difficult to breathe or sleep. They can cause pressure and pain behind your eyes, a constantly running nose, and an annoying cough.

Thankfully, certain essential oils are known to clear up nasal passageways and relieve sinus pressure and other congestion symptoms. They are a natural alternative to synthetic medications and have been used for centuries to support emotional and physical health.

Essential Oils For Sinus Congestion:

  • Tea Tree – antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory
  • Eucalyptus – cough suppressant, reduces pain and inflammation
  • Peppermint – reduces pain and inflammation
  • Oregano – antibacterial, antifungal

How to Use Essential Oils

  • Direct inhalation – waft the oils’ aroma from the bottle towards the face
  • Steam inhalation – combine the oils with hot water to create therapeutic facial steam
  • Diffusers – disperse the diluted oils throughout the air via steam
  • Aromatherapy bath – add a few drops to your bath water
  • Aromatherapy massage – add a few drops to your favorite massage lotion or oil

Things You Should Know Before Using Essential Oils:

Before using aromatherapy, it is important to know the risks and warnings. You shouldn’t apply the oils directly to your skin, as this may cause burns, irritation, itchiness, or a rash. Perform a skin patch test before use to make sure you don’t have a reaction to that particular oil. You should always dilute your essential oils with a carrier oil, water, or lotion; popular carrier oils include olive, jojoba, and coconut oil.

Essential oils are very potent and powerful natural substances. When they are inhaled in small doses for brief periods of time, they are considered safe. Inhaling high doses for long periods of time may cause dizziness, headaches, or nausea. You should not ingest essential oils, as they contain strong compounds that may cause toxic side effects. Aromatherapy should not be administered to children or women who are pregnant without consulting a doctor.

If you think you may have a sinus infection, make an appointment online or call (212) 288-2222. While aromatherapy may be a great home remedy for alleviating symptoms, proper treatment should also be sought. Check out LiveTotum’s online store for aromatherapy products such as diffusers and essential oils, among other health products.

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