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Is Warming Up Your Voice Necessary?

Is Warming Up Your Voice Necessary?

Warming up your voice is absolutely necessary to avoid abnormalities during a performance and to prevent vocal damage afterward. If speaking or singing is an important part of your profession, warming up your voice should be a regular part of your day. Singers, public speakers, comedians, and teachers should use vocal warm-up exercises before they sing or speak.

What is a vocal warm-up?

A vocal warm-up consists of a series of vocal exercises that prepare the voice for prolonged speaking or singing. It allows for use of the full range of the voice, especially for singers. A typical vocal warm-up consists of humming, tongue trills, and octave slides. A vocal exercise should also include warming up the facial muscles. To get the most out of a vocal warm-up, it is important to maintain proper posture. 

Vocal warm-ups are meant to make using the voice more comfortable. If a vocal warm-up is painful, it is not being done correctly, and you should stop before you cause any damage to your voice. A voice doctor can teach patients proper techniques and help guide them through vocal warm-ups to keep their voices healthy and sounding fantastic. 

Why are vocal warm-ups important?

A study on the effects of vocal warm-ups found that completing vocal warm-up exercises prior to singing produced more resonant and in-tune singing. While warming up your voice physically prepares your vocal cords, vocal warm-ups can also mentally prepare you for speaking and singing. It can calm nerves and relieve anxiety about speaking or singing during your performance. 

Just like athletes warm-up before a big game, vocal warm-ups prepare speakers and singers before a performance. Vocal warm-ups actually stretch and warm up the vocal cords to prepare them for prolonged use. Doing so allows the vocal folds to move more freely and makes it easier to sing and speak. Warming up your voice is necessary to prevent potential damage to the larynx and the vocal cords. The voice exercises should loosen and relax your muscles and prepare them for prolonged or strenuous use.

If you are a singer, warm-ups are especially important because they can help control pitch and breathing. When a singer warms up before performing, they are more mentally in sync with their pitch and tone and will be able to perform with less anxiety about hitting the right notes.

Warming up your voice is necessary because it prepares the voice for prolonged speaking or singing. It also serves as a preventative measure to keep the voice healthy over time. If your voice is important to you, schedule an appointment with our voice specialist today! Call (212) 288-2222 or schedule online.

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