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Patient reviews

At Totum ENT, our success is measured solely by our patients’ satisfaction with our services and the care they receive when undergoing treatment at Totum ENT. How our patients are doing following their treatments in our facilities is always our top priority. View the videos below to hear some of their stories.

I had been coping for weeks with what seemed to be a heavy summer cold when I suddenly experienced severe pain in one ear. When I called Totum ENT the extremely warm and helpful staff was able to give me an immediate appointment with Dr. Stackpole. She addressed my symptoms with genuine concern, listened with care, and was everything one could ask for - and more -  in a physician. I am now better and feel very lucky to have found her.

You are a professional unparalleled, coupled with a unique caring and loving demeanor. You bring a distinction to your profession. You are the rarest of jewels. To you and your attentive staff, I send my appreciation.

The TSCA grad class of 2019 sends you a token of our appreciation. All the dedication and commitment you put towards our education never went unnoticed. Your selflessness was our greatest lesson. Thank you for sticking with us - Graduating Masters of Acupuncture Class, 2019, from TriState College of Acupuncture.

I visit the office of Dr. Lisa Liberatore in which I was pleased with the service Dr. Liberatore provided her staff was helpful and knowledgeable I would definitely recommend anyone if you suffer from sinus problems visit this office you'll be satisfied. 5 Star - Gina G.

I am amazed that I am finally cured of a two year battle with a bacterial sinus infection. Through the expertise and professionalism of Dr. Lisa Liberatore and her staff, I am bacteria free.

I was fortunate enough to be referred to Dr. Liberatore by very caring family members, who did their homework and found the best ENT doctor in New York. I went to Totum Health for a second opinion regarding a sinus infection and was so impressed with the care I received I switched doctors. Even traveling from Brooklyn for my appointments was always worth the trip. I have always been greeted and treated very professionally and with great courtesy by her staff. Totum Health is run smoothly and efficiently. All of the examination rooms are pristine and hygienic, and she has top of the line medical equipment.

I had a chronic sinus condition, for over two years, and needed sinus surgery. I was also having dental work and needed to have some teeth removed. Dr. Liberatore worked for hand in hand with my dentist over several months making sure my mouth was healthy while monitoring my sinus infection. She even made sure I got a CT-scan of my jaw, for my dentist, when I had the CT-scan of my sinus, so I would only have to go for one scan. Then my blood pressure was too high for me to be approved for surgery and her staff gave me a great referral, in the neighborhood, and called so I would be seen that day. Many thanks to Aisha and Delilah always being so kind and helpful, I felt like I was talking to friends.

Dr. Liberatore made sure I was completely healthy for surgery and spent time talking to me before the procedure making me feel very secure. My surgery went well and I experienced very little discomfort. In a matter of weeks I was feeling great, better then I've felt in years!

I highly recommend Dr. Lisa Liberatore and Totum Health they truly care about you and your health and well being! - Lisa H.

I would like to start off by saying first Delilah is an outstanding assistant manager she greeted me for the first time warmly.
When I called she was very professional and very helpful.

Dr. Liberatore listened to my concern keenly about my ears and Shelia the audiologist was very outstanding as well. - Trisha G.

So for the last 2 years, I have had some major breathing problems through my nose - primarily when I'm laying down. It got so bad I was using Afrin nose spray multiple times a day and could not live without it. As you know it's supposedly not good to use it frequently so I decided to go to see a doctor to find out what my options were. My first step was to go to an allergist (bad idea) who prescribed a couple of sprays that did nothing. With no success, I then went to an ENT who recommended I get something called a Latera implant that would be inserted into each of my nostrils to open up the blocked airways in my nose. Unfortunately the ENT I went to initially did not perform the surgery so he recommended I see Dr. Liberatore who's apparently an expert. Well let me know tell you, he wasn't wrong.

I am now one-month post-surgery and the experience could not have gone better thanks to Dr. Liberatore. From the first appointment, she was warm, friendly, and caring yet did not sugar-coat anything. She told me on the first appointment I needed the surgery which she doesn't like to do before trying other things but my case was different since my previous ENT tried several things that were not effective for my breathing problem. From there, things could not have been easier. We scheduled the surgery only a few weeks after my initial visit which was great since my insurance was going to change shortly after that. Xiomara in the office was exceptional when it came to working with my insurance company to get approval which it turns out is no easy feat. I went in for my pre-op and again Dr. Liberatore was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of my questions with confidence. I did not doubt for a second that she knew exactly what she was doing.

The day of surgery I was quite apprehensive as she initially recommended I only have local anesthesia but at the last minute due to my anxiety, she decided to put me all the way under which ended up being the best thing for me personally. The surgery was so easy - in and out. When I woke up in recovery I was in pain but the once the morphine kicked in I was all good. There was very moderate discomfort over the next week but nothing I would even describe as painful. Now the great news - I can totally breathe about 90% better and it's only a month out! Overall, I could not be more satisfied with my experience with Dr. Liberatore. It's obvious she really cares about her patients not to mention she's an expert at what she does! If you are having any ENT related issues, I highly recommend you see Dr. Liberatore. - Lindsay F.

Thoroughly recommend Dr. Liberatore- she is the best!!! Her staff is most efficient and extremely polite! Makes going to the doctor enjoyable! - Charlene J.

I saw Dr. Liberatore for a series of visits and each time the appointments were phenomenal. The office is beautiful and her office staff is so incredibly sweet. Dr. Liberatore is very nice, extremely thorough and informative. She answered every question I had and ultimately helped me figure out what was going on with me- something that other doctors had brushed off in the past as the common cold. I ultimately ended up having surgery with Dr. Liberatore and everything worked out really well. I highly recommend her and her office! - Patricia W.

I booked an emergency appointment and it was my first time here and was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful office and lovely staff upon entering. Met with Dr. Liberatore herself, she has a great bedside manner, is very knowledgeable and thorough. Would definitely recommend her! - Melissa A.

Absolute kindest and most helpful! - Bustelo B.

Dr. Liberatore changed my life! I had an intense sinus condition since I was a teenager that caused pain, discomfort, and essentially had altered my life. I saw three different Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctors over a twenty year period- none had a solution. I somehow found out about Dr. Liberatore--she became the fourth and FINAL E.N.T. I will ever see!

Dr. Liberatore immediately suggested we complete an uncomplicated procedure (which I did ), then made recommendations of things I should and should not do. The outcome of being under Dr. Liberatore's care is that my life has been changed profoundly for the better! I now breathe comfortably and feel good all the time! - Randy F.

Dr.Liberatore gives her all to her patients. She communicates well and always has time to listen to the patient's concerns. I would highly recommend her to anyone who would need her services. - Tom M.

I had a very good experience with Dr. Liberatore. She was accurate in her diagnosis and her follow up was excellent. As soon as she got the results she called me herself and made sure I got the correct treatment. She also was very comforting when it came to my surgery. Afterwards, she came to see me and made sure everything was ok with me and immediately scheduled a follow-up appointment herself. - Jodi O.

Dr. Libertore is the best ent dr. I have ever seen she is a sweetheart caring and understand also she is very flexible when it comes to appt.  She and the staff are awesome! - Jon V.

Great staff. Very caring and informative. Obviously at the top of her field. After just one visit, I'm confident that my ailment will be healed/cured. - Marc A.

Dr. Liberatore and her staff and wonderful. Highly recommend. - Lisa B.

Dr. Liberatore is so special to me. She has not only helped me with my sinus problems but has extended her knowledge and love to help me find other problems that others could not find for years. She is smart, sweet and runs the most top-notch office imaginable. All doctors should model their offices after hers. - Jennifer L.

This is an ENT physician who is a cut above the rest. You will be happy with the care she provides. She is very personable and professional. I highly recommend her!

Watch Videos of Real Patient Reviews Below

Faith, Balloon Sinuplasty

Totum ENT Patient Faith discusses her experience with Balloon Sinuplasty surgery performed by Dr. Lisa Liberatore.

Robert, Sinus Surgery

Totum ENT patient Robert discusses his health history and sinus surgery experience.

Timothy, Balloon Sinuplasty

Totum ENT patient Timothy describes his recent sinus surgery experience using the Balloon Sinuplasty™ technology.

Rocco, Balloon Sinuplasty

Totum ENT patient Rocco describes his recent sinus surgery experience using Balloon Sinuplasty™ technology.

Steve, Sinus Surgery

Totum ENT patient Steve no longer suffers from the intense pressure in his sinuses or lingering infections, making a remarkable difference in his quality of life.

Felecia, Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon Sinuplasty patient Felicia discusses her experience with Totum ENT’s Medical Director, Lisa Liberatore, MD FACS.

Cliff, Balloon Dilation of the Eustachian Tube

Cliff D. discusses his experience with Totum ENT’s Medical Director, Lisa Liberatore, MD FACS. Cliff received balloon dilation of the eustachian tube surgery which relieved inner ear pressure allowing his ears to drain fluid preventing chronic infection.

Judith, Spirox LATERA Nasal Implant

Judith. discusses her experience with Totum ENT’s Medical Director, Lisa Liberatore, MD FACS. Judith received Spirox LATERA Nasal Implant surgery to prevent nasal wall collapse and clear obstructions of the nasal cavity.

Clare, Septoplasty

Clare D. discusses his experience with Totum ENT. Claire received a Septoplasty from Lisa Liberatore, MD FACS remedying her deviated septum allowing her to breathe easier. After surgery Claire was able to focus on herself and her lifestyle.


Estelle E. discusses her experience with the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure and Totum ENT’s Medical Director, Lisa Liberatore, MD FACS.

Marcus, Septoplasty

Marcus F. discusses his experience with Totum ENT. Marcus received a Septoplasty from Lisa Liberatore, MD FACS remedying his deviated septum allowing him to breathe easier and train harder.

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