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Dr. Lisa A. Liberatore and her team at Totum ENT are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the sinuses. If you are suffering from some of the symptoms below, you should schedule an appointment with Dr. Lisa A. Liberatore to learn more about how our non-surgical and surgical treatments can help you with your sinus and nose symptoms.

Ageusia & Hypogeusia (Loss of Taste)

The inability to detect and discriminate taste sweetness, sourness, bitterness, saltiness, and umami. Hypogeusia is more common and refers to a diminished loss of taste. These disorders have various causes such as acute viral illness, traumatic brain injury, liver disease, and allergic rhinitis

Acute Sinusitis

When the cavities around your nasal passages (sinuses) become inflamed and swollen. This interferes with drainage and causes mucus to build up. Acute sinusitis is most often caused by the common cold. Other triggers include allergies, bacterial and fungal infections. Learn more about our Sinusitis treatments.

Anosmia (Loss of Smell)

The loss of the sense of smell, either total or partial. It may be caused by head injury, infection, or blockage of the nose. There have been many advances in this field of medicine, and there are many treatments currently available for suffers.

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