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The most common sinus surgeries are performed internally using an endoscopic technique. With this technique, surgeons use tiny instruments that can be inserted through the patient’s nostrils to removes diseased tissues and to open up sinuses. In some cases however, making external incisions, an older technique, can be useful and effective depending on the patient’s sinus condition and structure of the nasal passages.

Surgeons with scrubs and protective gloves

When to Consider External Sinus Surgery

Some instances where external sinus surgery may be needed are when:

  • An endoscopic approach may not be enough to fix the problem
  • A certain case is more complex
  • A patient may have severe inflammatory disease, infections, or nosebleeds
  • A patient has experienced facial trauma
  • Sinus tumors are present

External Sinus Surgery Process

The location of the external incision depends on what sinus issue is being treated, but can be made underneath the lip, hidden around the nose or eye, or hidden in the scalp. Once the incision is made, bone is typically removed to gain access to the sinuses and once the procedure is complete, the incision is closed carefully to minimize any postoperative scarring.

Since external surgery is more invasive, internal surgeries will be considered beforehand if possible. Our ENT professionals at Totum ENT have years of experience to thoroughly evaluate your condition, identify the cause, and plan the best procedure to find you sinus relief. Totum ENT uses the latest technology and techniques to safely and effectively perform your surgery.

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