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Simple Steps To Stress Management

Simple Steps to Stress Management

by Dr. Ronald Dushkin
We were enlightened by an informative, relaxing and thought provoking evening on stress management! Specific clarity was offered on Stress vs Stressor. Stress is our reaction to a stressor…..we can control this reaction once we are aware of it.
Our awareness of how we manifest stress can be physical, mental, emotional or behavioral. How do you react to stressors? Are you willing to think about changing your reaction?

Careful attention was devoted to stress reducing techniques including using medium breaths, body scan relaxation, mind distraction, behavioral techniques, and feeling gratitude. Dr. Dushkin offered ways to prevent stress including nutrition, exercise, meditation, laughter, pay it forward by doing volunteer work and practicing awareness checks. With practice of positive strategies, we can form better habits to experience freedom of stress reduction.
Dr. Dushkin is available for consultations and private engagements. Be sure to check out his website

Ronald Dushkin, M.D.
19 West 34 St-PH
New York, NY 10001

Dr. Dushkin will return to our Wellness Series on March 6th– Demystifying Meditation

Please join us again on Monday, February 6th for Healthy Eating 101 with Nutritionist, Reyna Franco. Please remember to RSVP to 212-288-2222. See you then!


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