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Improving Quality Of Life – The Importance Of Moving Our Bodies And Exercise

Improving Quality of Life – The Importance of Moving our Bodies and Exercise

This week we had Shannon Cusma, Pilates Manager and lead teacher trainer from Equinox speak to us about the importance of moving our bodies and exercise. It was wonderful!

We were presented with 50 reasons to exercise….the most important being Improving Quality of Life. Shannon reviewed the benefits as well as key steps to get started.

  • Find something you enjoy and do it!
  • Schedule it on your calendar and don’t cancel on yourself
  • Commit to 30 min/day 2-3x/ week and work your way up
  • Start Slow
  • Track your progress
  • Mix it up

Exercise should be fun and enjoyable! Shannon provided us with various workouts and a variety of levels and….demonstrated each one for us. We even had volunteers show us their strength!
The evening concluded with stretches and emphasis was placed on stretching muscles that have been warmed up.

Shannon answered many questions for us. If you are interested in contacting her:
Shannon Cusma

Please RSVP 212-288-2222. Next week I will be giving you a group Health Coaching talk on Life Happens…. how to rebound after struggling circumstances. Feel free to send me your struggles that you deal with! See you on Monday, Feb.20th at 6:30pm.

Best of health,

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